Training Services for Professionals

Thanks to MP Languages - - a division of MP International Consultancy, we provide an unrivalled range of Business English courses for companies and individuals; English courses for exams (IELTS, Cambridge Certificates); Modern Languages and General English programmes.

All our business courses are designed for experienced business people who need to communicate effectively in English in their work.

Our courses are tailored to your specific needs and develop the skills you need for use in your business contexts. All of the courses are taught by trainers specialised in teaching business English.
Typical skills you may focus on:

  • conducting and contributing to meetings and interviews
  • giving presentations
  • negotiating
  • developing specialised business vocabulary
  • discussing key business concepts
  • developing cross-cultural awareness
  • communicating effectively on the telephone
  • corresponding effectively in business (emails, letters and faxes)
  • writing reports

We can provide specialised training in areas such as:

  • engineering/technical subjects
  • management
  • marketing and sales
  • secretarial English
  • military English
  • banking and finance
  • computing
  • travel and tourism
  • aviation
  • medicine
  • law
  • pharmacy